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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New made-for-TV movie "Field of Vision" to air on NBC June 11

“Field of Vision” is a captivating made-for-TV family drama that blends mystery, intrigue and action with a memorable life lesson about the challenges and rewards of doing the right thing.

Through mysterious footage captured on an old video camera, star quarterback Tyler McFarland learns that some of his teammates have been bullying the new transfer student, Cory Walker. Aware that standing up for Cory might get his friends kicked off the team and cost the school the state championship, Tyler must choose between winning and doing what is right.

This is the 6th installment from Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG) and Walmart (NYSE: WMT)in their Family Movie Night initiative. The latest made-for-TV family movie, “Field of Vision,” starring Faith Ford, premieres on June 11th at 8/7 on NBC.

Tune in and keep these wholesome programs rolling out on Primetime TV!!

Link to Official “Field of Vision” movie trailer: FIELD OF VISION

Key values at Play in “Field of Vision:”

• Courage

Doing what you know to be right even when it is difficult or unpopular to do so

• Discernment

Exercising good judgment and making right decisions

• Accountability

Taking responsibility for your actions by being answerable to others

• Looking Out For Others

Actively and intentionally working to include others and ensure their well-being

• Story’s Universal Truth

It takes courage to do the right thing

Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG) and Walmart (NYSE: WMT) recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of their Family Movie Night initiative with the announcement that they will continue to deliver high-quality family entertainment with the addition of five more movies in 2011.

The P&G/Walmart Family Movie Night has already been seen by nearly 22 million viewers while nearly a half million of the respective DVDs have been sold, providing a “stay at home” option for families to spend quality time together. For more information visit FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT


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