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Thursday, May 26, 2011

One person's story -- Every person's struggle. God's solution.

I Choose to Forgive: An Intimate Journey with God
by Dianne B. Collard

The journey begins with a murder of a young man in the middle of the night in California and a telephone call to his parents, missionaries living in Vienna, Austria. It continues through years of pain, sorrow and ends, ultimately, in joy.

Life situations—whether merely a slight offense or as serious as murder—demand that all of us face the question, “Does God expect me to forgive?”

The answer is clear. The choice is ours to obey. The power to do so comes from God alone.

I Choose to Forgive is a heartbreaking journey from devastation to freedom. It presents a strong biblical foundation undergirding the practical steps of doing forgiveness.

This book is available in soft-cover or e-book format from all online book distributors or by special order in any bookstore.
Order here: www.ichoosetoforgive.com

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